Mentor the Kid & the CEO: A Simple Story of Achieving Significance - Tom Page, Walter Jenkins

This book is the reason that I believe in mentoring, along with my personal experiences. It tells a simple true story of how one young man has hit his lowest moment in life. When he saw only darkness in his life, a man named Malcolm sheds some light on it. After being mentored for some time, the young man ends up extremely successful later in life. 

Being able to work with others and use other peoples experience is a great way to skip a lot of trials and tribulations. Often it seems so ordinary to believe you know so much more than what you really do about certain things. Then, after you fail once or twice you give up in frustration thinking this task or goal is impossible. People that embark on the climb to success, pushing through all kinds of failures, never go by themselves. If you would like to see how one mans story of mentoring can effect your life, visit and achieve significance.

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